Föllingeveckan is a four-days course in traditional dance and music from the district Föllinge - Hotagen, 700 km north of Stockholm.

The dances and the music you will learn have a unique connection to this area, much thanks to Ernst Grip who carried on the tradition from his childhood. He was born 1918 in Föllinge and taught these dances throughout Sweden from 1985 until 1998, the year he passed away.

During the Föllingeveckan, there are many opportunities to let music and dance meet. The fiddlers play their Lapp-Nils polskas while the dancers practice Gammalpolska, Åtabakspolska, and other dances from Ernst Grip´s dance heritage. In the fiddlers class, we learn the tunes ‘by the ear’; in the dance class, all dances are taught together with live music.
The musicians are offered an hour-long workshop to learn the polska- and bakmes steps and every evening the teachers and the participants join for playing and dancing together.

Föllinge is a small village of 500 people. Yet you will find a supermarket, restaurant, healthcare center, gas station, bus- and cab station, and a cash machine (for Swedish bank accounts). Postal and drugstore services are provided by proxy..
You come here by taking the train or airplane to Åre – Östersund airport and then by bus or cab 65 km north. The village is surrounded by lakes, deep forests, fishing creeks, hills and beautiful, small farming villages and lots of healing solitude, wilderness, silence and crisp air. The rolling but vast and snowcapped mountains of western Jämtland wait for you only 30 km from Föllinge.

The teachers this summer are:
Fiddle: Mats Andersson, Ulf Andersson, Anders Hällström, and Anders Olsson.
Dance: Beret Bertilsdotter and Jens Holmström.

The dance- and fiddle classes start at 9 am on Tuesday July 19th.

There is some information on meals and lodging during the Föllingevckan on the registration form. To receive more information please send an e-mail to: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

How to apply

Application period is 1st February to 15th of March.

Application form 

We will send you an e-mail no later than April 8 to tell you whether the Föllingeveckan 2022 will be held (decided from the number of applicants and -of course- the current rules and recommendations regarding the corona situation) and if you then are one of the participants.In this mail we can give more information regarding e.g., lodging.

With special reference to the corona situation

During the application period, we certainly don’t know about the corona situation in July to come ….. Of course, when Föllingeveckan begins, we will strictly apply the prevailing rules and restrictions stated by the Swedish authorities. Further, we anticipate the following:

  • We will expect all participants to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 (or otherwise protected according to the current rules);
  • All participants staying at Jämtlands viktklinik (see short information on lodging on the registration form) will be tested for corona before checking in (it is mandatory).
  • Whether all other persons, who in any way participate in the Föllingeveckan, also should be tested, will be decided based on the current corona situation.
  • Of course - anyone who feels any kind of symptom stays isolated immediately.